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Oklahoma's Canna Cafe


Handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles from the award-winning Canna Cafe Kitchen are a great way to medicate when dosed correctly. From chocolate bars to drinks, and gummies to baked goods, the Canna Cafe provides your clientele the relief they need in the tasty treat they want.


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Our Story

Welcome To Relief

The Canna Cafe kitchen is part of the Minerva Canna of Oklahoma family. Started in the Minerva Canna facility near Grand Lake in March of 2019, our selection of infused edibles quickly became a hit with patients far and wide. And now, you can help bring our tasty relief to your patients throughout the State.

All of our edibles are crafted with a high-quality, ethanol-extracted THC oil to reflect the latest scientific research on the way edibles are absorbed by the body.

With our tried and tested hand-crafted processes, we can make precisely dosed products for your wellness while maintaining their award-winning flavors.

And we are excited to bring that to you.

Canna Cafe Gummies

Why Craft Edibles With THC Oil?

Our Cannabis Chefs have diligently researched the effects of making our high-end edibles and that’s why we’ve chosen to only use ethanol-extracted THC oil and the highest quality of ingredients in our products to make certain that patients medicating with Canna Cafe enjoy the most comfortable, effective and flavorful experience available in Oklahoma today!

So, why ethanol-extracted THC oil?

It all starts with terpenes, which are the aromatic oil in cannabis that helps determine the strain.

It’s terpenes that make the difference between strains and different terpenes influence whether a plant has Indica or Sativa qualities.

Sativa is generally associated with an uplifting experience, Indica a calming one, and there is little difference in THC content between indica and sativa.

When you inhale cannabis, the type of strain matters – the active chemicals go straight into your bloodstream.

However, consuming an edible is different.

Digestion metabolizes the terpenes so they don’t affect you like they do when inhaled.

Basically, terpenes are filtered out when eaten.

Also, the THC in edibles is converted to 11-Hydroxy THC, which is what causes a longer-lasting (6 to 8 hours) and more psychoactive effect than inhalation.

This means that you no longer have to be concerned with indica or sativa labeling when shopping our edibles selection.

Our ethanol-extracted distillate is a better product that contains no terpenes after extraction, with pure THC and a cleaner taste.

That’s just another example of the Minerva Canna standard, delivered through our Canna Cafe products to you.

Chocolate Bars

We have a wide variety of specialty Canna Cafe chocolate bars, from Dark Chocolate to Cookies & Cream, and the award-winning Strawberry Milkshake. Plus several others…


We’ve got a wide selection of wildly popular Canna Cafe gummies and hard candy in several different doses to help you find that perfect dose for you and your wellness.

Baked Goods & Drinks

We also feature a great selection of baked goods and drinks, including lemon bars, rice crispy treats, cookies, brownies, and more – all perfectly dosed and delicious!

Each Canna Cafe Chocolate Bar is poured individually and decorated precisely by hand by one of our Cannabis Chefs and the gelatin for our Canna Cafe Gummy Bears is made only from pork skins with the highest quality ingredients you can find.

Your, and your patients, experience with Canna Cafe Edibles will be consistent and healing with every bite.

“WEED” love to treat you to the most incredible edibles made by and sold in the state of Oklahoma!

Request a Wholesale Menu

If you would like to check out a wholesale menu of Canna Cafe products to carry in your location(s), you have two options.

First, you can check out our selection of Chocolate Bars and Gummies on Leaflink.

These products are more widely available given more favorable delivery options.

Alternatively, you may also request our extended wholesale menu with an expanded selection of great Canna Cafe products.

Delivery of products on the extended menu is typically limited to within 50 miles of Langley – roughly in an area from Muskogee to Tulsa to Bartlesville.


What People are Saying

The staff of The Hippie Joint would like to recognize the sales staff of Canna Cafe for the exemplary service we receive. Having been in the dispensary business for over a year now, it’s evident that there are many vendors who you prefer to work with than others; however Canna Cafe stands above all others. Let me give you examples of what I am speaking about; late deliveries, deliveries not showing up, products showing up without testing, sales reps that don’t answer the phone, delivery people who say they don’t know anything about your order because they are “just transporters”. It can be a frustrating business, as I’m sure you are aware. Let me tell you about the service I get from Canna Cafe. I get a rep who genuinely cares about my dispensary and my business! Products are never late, they have never arrived without appropriate paperwork, the phone has always been answered and Kati has gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy with everything. She is so professional and helpful. She shares idea with us and approaches everything with a “can do” attitude.
The customer service I receive is second to none. If all vendors were as happy knowledgeable and helpful as Kati, I would be thrilled. She has impeccable organizational skills and is always prepared with her paperwork and products.
The products from Canna are some of the finest edibles in the state of Oklahoma, which make them easy to sell, but make no mistake, the customer service at the wholesale transaction time is the cherry on top of an already amazing experience. I have stopped doing business with some companies, despite their products being of a good quality because if I don’t have a sales rep I can depend on them I am done. The entire experience with Canna Cafe is wonderful. From the beautiful candy bars and baked goods to the customer service at the sales point, Canna Cafe has it all!

Laurie Dossey RN

Co-owner, The Hippie Joint Dispensary

Canna cafe offers great quality and constant products that our patients love! Kati is absolutely amazing and very pleasant to work with! She makes sure to check on us and keeps us stocked in a timely manner. Always showing up with our deliveries with a smile and great attitude! We have enjoyed doing business with them and highly recommend!

The Green Health Dispensary Crew

We love Canna Cafe products. The chocolate bars are melt in your mouth. The gummi bears are consistent and taste great. We love our sales rep Kati. She has the sweetest demeanor and is always helpful with whatever we ask.

Jerri Montgomery

miTs Farmacy